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1. What is the difference among camel milk and cow milk and goat milk? What are the advantages?
2. What is the most important feature of camel milk?
3. Can I drink camel milk if I can't drink cow milk or goat milk?
4.Can people with high blood lipid level drink full fat camel milk powder?
5. Why does camel milk taste salty?
6. Why is camel milk so expensive?
7. I heard that camel milk reduces sugar, how effective are your products for diabetics? How long does it take to effect?
8.For whom the product is suitable for?
9.Why choose freeze-drying?

Camel milk contains a large amount of immunoglobulins which can improve human resistance and enhance immunity, and contains 18 kinds of beneficial amino acids, its vitamin content is about 3.8 times more than cow's milk, its iron content is about 10 times more than cow's milk, and its natural insulin is about 3250 times more than cow's milk. 1 cup of camel milk is equal to 3 cups of goat milk ,10 cups of cow's milk, so its nutritional value is more significant than other milk.